Women & Climate Justice


Women are the primary caregivers in the Global South, making them particularly vulnerable to the disparaging effects of global warming. They are responsible for providing their families with food, fuel, and water, yet lack the opportunities to combat climate change and rebound quickly when natural disasters strike. On September 10th, the global debate forum, World Affairs Council, welcomes their members and the public to join the discussion on women's role in climate justice.

'Climate justice' views global warming from an ethical and political lens, rather than purely environmental. With rising sea levels and increasing famine and drought, women are often the most susceptible, yet lack a seat at the table when it comes to environmental policymaking. Climate justice champion, Mary Robinson, and Global Fund for Women CEO, Musimbi Kanyoro, will be leading the conversation on the unique challenges climate change poses for women and how we can achieve a more just and sustainable outcome for all. LEARN MORE