Fun Farsi Games

Every diaspora community strives (and struggles) to maintain cultural ties to their homeland while assimilating in their adopted country. With each passing generation the task becomes even harder. How do you instil your culture and heritage to children born and raised in another country with a different culture? In some cases second or third generation children of immigrants may never have the opportunity to visit the country of their parents or grandparents. A language teacher has attempted to address this challenge by developing new and innovative tools that allow young Iranian Americans to learn Farsi in an interactive and fun way.

When Leyla Pope, the creator of Fun Farsi Games, wanted to download an interactive iPhone application for her three year-old daughter to teach her Farsi she was disappointed to find games for French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish but none for Farsi. Pope saw an opportunity to design and develop a dedicated app so children all over the world can learn Farsi. After a few years of hard work, Pope unveiled Pasha the Cat, the lovable companion for children in learning Farsi through her first iPhone/iPad dedicated game: Farsi Matching Pairs Game.

The game is designed for children between 3-6 years. Pope designed the game for pre-schoolers because that specific age group is a key period for language acquisition. The earlier children are exposed to Farsi using a fun and interactive application will create a positive association for them. The game lends itself to a sense discovery as children can interact with the application. Pope and her team have designed three other games involving Pasha which will be produced and released if there is enough demand from the Iranian community. Please consider supporting Fun Farsi Games by downloading their game today!