Equipping Pregnant Women and Mothers


A woman dies in childbirth every 15 minutes in India - an astounding statistic in a country that accounts for 11 percent of the global maternal mortality burden. Two children under five die each minute and four of 10 children are unable to realize their full potential due to chronic undernutrition or stunting. A significant number of these maternal and child deaths are preventable, but delays in a family's decision to seek care, delays in reaching care, and delays in receiving care contribute to high rates of maternal and child mortality and morbidity. 

By leveraging mobile technology to expand access to information and preventive health services for pregnant women, mothers, and children, ARMMAN uses free voice call services mMitra and Kilkari, sending timed and targeted preventive care information weekly to mothers during pregnancy and infancy. In partnership with the Indian government, ARMMAN has also implemented a mobile academy to train frontline health workers in life-saving preventive health behaviors.